Taking Washington Back


Career politicians are a problem. Elected officials who have been in office for far too long are more interested in fancy dinner parties with lobbyists than serving the Americans who elected them in the first place. That’s why Rene will support legislation for term limits. 

Rene will make term limits a priority as soon as she gets to Capitol Hill. She believes that too often career politicians get to DC and worry about pet projects more than getting things done for the people in their own district.



As your Congresswoman, Rene’s first priority is to protect our First Amendment rights. Our freedom of speech is under attack and must be preserved and defended. The right to speak freely is the bedrock of our democracy and fundamental freedoms. Having different opinions is supposed to be celebrated in this country; NOT punished and cancelled. 

Our right to bear arms is fundamental to our individual security and to protect our nation from a tyrannical government. As your Congresswoman, Rene will actively defend our Second Amendment at all costs.



America’s economy is stronger without burdensome government regulation and red-tape. Rene recognizes that the government should enable small businesses to succeed, not stand in their way. We need to remove government intrusion and build back a robust economy. Joe Biden, in the first week of his Presidency, put nearly 100,000 Americans out of work. Rene knows that protecting small businesses and blue collar workers is more important than instituting the policies of the “woke” left. 

Comprehensive tax reform is essential. The United States tax code is thousands of pages long and takes professionals to understand; we need to trim the fat. A simple to understand tax code is vital to sustainability.



As a 30 year medical professional and a cancer survivor, Rene knows that our healthcare system is broken. We need personalized healthcare that puts you and your doctors in charge- not career politicians. Insurance companies and lobbyists have been given too much power and shouldn’t be able to deny coverage for necessary treatments prescribed by your treating physician. Rene is committed to protecting pre-existing conditions, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and lowering prescription drug costs.

Our system should encourage innovation and competition so that consumers get the best care at the lowest possible cost. Rene supports the right to try. We need to keep the government’s bureaucratic red tape and inefficiency as far away from our healthcare system as possible. “Medicare for All” inevitably means skyrocketing taxes and plummeting healthcare quality for all.



Since the days of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt our Federal government has ballooned to a size and scope that was never intended by our Founders. We need to shrink the Fed and cut out wasteful government spending. Consistent budget deficits and trillion dollar national debt increases must end. We need to balance the budget and reduce our national debt! 

When in Washington, Rene plans to advocate for single subject legislation so we can pass laws that do what they are intended to do. Ending omnibus bills that have hidden spending projects is vital to reducing and eliminating our national debt.



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